Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Hate on Crazy Troubles

Crazy Troubles holy crap is this game terrible. The description is printed in some kind of weird pigeon English. The controls the graphics and game play are all so bad. From what I can tell the developer was trying to make a beat em up. The only problem being unusable controls and bad animation. You have basically one attack. This is so bad. If there ever was a way not to make a game this is it. Worst game I have ever played. The character designs are jagged and uninspired. This is the biggest piece of digital doo doo that I have downloaded through the inter webs. Do not waste your valuable memory on this waste of space. Even if it only takes up digital space. This game will haunt your dreams every night if you just load it up once. This is Pandora's box oh god you don't want to open. It's like somebody filled a letter to you with crap you get home you open and boom a big old terd right in your face well this game is the terd no wait that terd is actually better than this game. This game could been programmed by a monkey. Not a 200 hundred monkeys no one single monkey. The basic problems in this game could have been avoided if the developer had any talent what so ever. This game was clearly made with the sole intent of making money no soul or effort went into this game. Avoid at all cost cause this is off the scale of crap.

scale of crap temporally unavalible do to uploading issues.


iPhone Screenshot 2

iPhone Screenshot 3

Avoid this game at all cost and if you would like more i hater post share us with your friends and comment with your suggestions.